Laura EB

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Rochester, New York, US

Shot this last week.  Naturally I'm not the best MUA so I had to do a lot of repair work on the glitter, I'm just hoping it looks alright and of course the image as a whole is clean and nice.  Also if anyone's bored and wants to give a critique for the photography aspect I'd love to hear it as well smile

May 28 13 01:20 pm Link


Nazarene Media

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Castro Valley, California, US

you did an amazing job i love it....the only things i would do different due to it being a high fashion shoot i would have contoured the cheeks and jawline abit more and smoothed out the color of the eye shadow....also the pink gel once you brought the colors up it became alittle distracting and takes away from all the blue glitter in the image

here is my rough attempt doing what im talking about

May 28 13 08:41 pm Link