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I'm looking into adding a cream foundation into my make up kit but im stuck for which one to choose! I've heard yaby and cinema secrets are good? What's best for all skin types?

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Lauren Reynolds Makeup

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Try doing a search, there's loads of discussion on cream foundations. I personally like Cinema Secrets and RCMA for ultimate flexibility, just take care with skin prep and finishing to accommodate different skin types and if you're mixing foundations, adjust your diluting product according to skin type - eg moisturiser for dry skin, matte primer/mattifying lotion for oily etc). I haven't any experience with Yaby foundations. One type of foundation though will never cover all your needs.

Come to IMATS London at the end of June, have a play with all the makeup and decide what you like there! Plus there'll be good discounts. I'm really interested to try out La Maq wax-based foundations at the PAM stall...

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Hi again! I have been looking at the older posts about foundations so I dont have to bother people with all of my questions, but it seems like if you ask a question on those threads, ppl get pissed that you "bumped" an "old" thread. ??

just wanted to throw that out there...

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Vesna Crane

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I like Mehron Celebre Pro HD Makeup.

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Cee Jay Starling

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I love RCMA. You can use it with a moisturizer to thin it out or by it's self on well moisturized skin...blend very well by hand.

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Vanity Crane wrote:
I like Mehron Celebre Pro HD Makeup.

Me too- It's a beautiful foundation

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Sarah Zul

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ThirdEyeMakeup wrote:

Me too- It's a beautiful foundation

I hope you don't mind my question. But I heard some are saying this is bad for dry skin as it clings to it. What do you do when you get a dry skinned model? I'm also curious how you prep an oily skinned girl. Products recommendation (for prepping and setting) when paired with this cream foundation will be highly appreciated. Thanks!

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You probably heard that from me! Haha

For very dry skin, i will prep with an oil that is meant for the face and that is not sticky. I like Nude's Pro genius treatment oil, or Ole Henrikson Pure truth Vit C youth activating oil. You could also do the one from Sunday Riley or the one from Boscia. I think argan oil is too heavy. Then i will do something like a hydrating serum or a hydrating cream (I often use Embryolisse lait creme). For dry skin I will sheer down some RCMA foundation that I always carry in my kit. Or i will do the Mehron Celebre on the cheeks and outside of the face, but use a creamy concealer for the nose and middle of the forehead. Those areas seems to get patchy on most people.

For oily or combo skin, the Mehron is gorgeous, but you definitely have to set it with powder. I generally use a powder like Tarte's Smoothe operator finishing powder. Or the Nars light reflecting pressed powder if i want more sheen. I used to use Neutral set by Ben Nye, but i find it a little bit too thick.
The way i prep an oily skin girl is by using a hydrating serum and an oil-controling primer. I don't use heavy creams. UNLESS it's a photoshoot and i want dewy skin- in that case i will stay on top of it and keep powdering the areas where dewy-ness looks oily (ex: sides of the nose, side of the chin). If they are very oily or sweaty, i love the Becca Ever-matte poreless priming perfector. That it a great product for men too. Or people who sweat in the face a lot.

Hope that helps!

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