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Marie Cine

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Hollywood, Florida, US

Hello everyone,

As my mentioned in my profile I am an amateur photography and plan on being so for a while; until I am sure that I am where I want to be. I love taking pictures but in many cases when I came to face with the models I tend forget all ways of posing but also I'm afraid of doing jobs because I am afraid of how the photo will turn out. Will my lighting turn out right? Will my customer be satisfy? I have all sort of questions running in my head that I pass up many jobs/gigs. I need advice on how to overcome this fear. Thank you.

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Toto Photo

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Flex Photography

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Sudbury, Ontario, Canada

Hi Marie.

You need to build your experience, your confidence, and comfort with directing subjects. One way is to find a friend or two to practice shooting with and directing. If they are patient, you can test different lighting setups with them. You can supply them with some photos as a thank-you.

Another approach, to learn to work with models, is to hire a more experienced model to shoot with. They will want to be paid for their time, & may not expect photos, though offering a few is a nice gesture. There are a number of experienced models who are willing to do such shoots to also help newer photographers along. They can self-direct their posing, while also giving you their feedback about poses that work best. The money you spend is an investment in your future success.

Here on Mayhem, there is advice and support available here: 2nd LIST - MENTOR support for newbie photographers

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Grin Without a Cat

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Hey there.
Just keep at it.  Remember that any kind of artistic expression is a lifelong process, photography included.  Every picture you don't make is a missed opportunity to learn, and life is too short to miss opportunities.
So practice, analyze, work, analyze, practice, repeat, repeat, repeat.
One thing to always remember...for every good shot you get, you will have a hundred that are not so good, but from those hundred you can learn more than you will ever learn from the good ones.

Even Rembrandt, one of the greatest painters of all time, was practicing self-portraits right up until the time he died.  He practiced not because he liked seeing pictures of himself, but because he knew that the steady accumulation of brush miles is what kept him always improving.

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Aaron Lewis Photography

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Welcome to MM. Besides what's already been said I think the biggest thing when starting out is to know what you want. Know what's right and wrong. Know what elements  make a strong image.

When it comes to lighting, practice helps. May I suggest getting and reading a copy of Light: Science and Magic. … av-Search=

Have a vision and see it through. Over time you'll realize that you've developed a style.

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Walter Green

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A couple of things, first, there is absolutely nothing wrong with having  a script.  It helps with organization and it works.  Having a pre-meeting helps, review the script... Have fun and relax.

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