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Teva Jean

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Denver, Colorado, US

Just as is says. Tell your neighbor what kind of images/themes/scenerios you would like to see from them. The more deatiled and creative, the more fun it will be. Just maybe we will expand our minds to different areas of work. I will start with the person below me of course.

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Brooklyn, New York, US

For you - since all but one of your shots right now are studio, and because of where you live, this popped into my head.

There's a spot outside of Winter Park with a rocky creek flowing through a clearing.  There was tall grass and rocks in the clearing, and if I remember correctly, the place was surrounded by evergreens with cottonwood trees by the creek.  When I was there, it was almost golden hour in the late afternoon and there were cottonwood puffs floating around all over the place, backlit by the sun.

It was like something I remember out an early 70's flower child vibe.  With your look, I'd shoot you there.

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Three Cats Photography

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İstanbul, İstanbul, Turkey

A cemetery-for my neighbors upstairs
Great portfolio and work by the way

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Grand Haven, Michigan, US

Three Cats -you like the dark stuff, so I would like to see something with balloons, even if they are all black;)

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