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Hi.. I need some Critique..

Overall, how good am I, what do I need to work on?

If you were to choose which images I should have or not have in my MM portfolio.. which would it be? I have an online portfolio with more images at


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Laura Elizabeth Photo

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Overall I really enjoy your work.  In general it's high-end with great models, decent styling, and lighting.  The girl in the boxing gloves is easily your best work.  The poses are natural and the models expression is very intense and the lighting and post match the mood.  The image next to it with the girl in the tank top has a similar look and I also enjoy it; good poses, dramatic lighting.  Same with the girl in the hat (which I love the close picture of) good expression and I love your use of color and harsh lighting. 

The poses in some of your work look a little forced though and the styling isn't my favorite.
Eventhough this image has a bunch of comments it's just not my favorite.  The styling looks really random and clashed and it just kinda ruins it for me
The top and bottom poses of this piece really look forced to me, mainly because of her hands/arms and the way they're rested on her hip(the middle image I enjoy though).  Also the first image is backlit but with no fill to balance out the shadows.  Maybe try a reflector or a off camera flash with an umbrella to show the models better.

Also your beauty work isn't my favorite but I have a very different style of shooting beauty so that might be the only reason it's not to my tastes :p.

Overall your port is very good I think, there's not much you can do then to keep practicing and shooting smile

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Thank you Ariadne for your input.

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Damaged Daisy Syn

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I agree with the above and this one. It is just not doing anything for me. It is not nearly as dynamic as the other head shots and your work is so dynamic that it kind of just sticks out to me as not belonging. Otherwise, overall I really enjoy your portfolio and your work is very exciting to look at.

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