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Las Vegas, Nevada, US

Its so bushy, people called me Hermione in high school.. ;P

It gets in the way when taking pictures and just doesn't look glamorous or glossy at all. Tips? Styles?

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Makeup Artist

ShannonJennings MUA

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Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

If having a hair stylist or hmua is not an option (although I'm sure if you put up a casting call for shoots I can't imagine it would be a problem, you've got a lovely face for beauty)

I have found a good salon quality blow dryer & learning how to blow dry your hair smooth & straight can make all the difference to fluffy frizzy hair.

My own hair texture is a huge, fluffy, tangly, wavy mess..even a ghd wont sort it out much but my parlux 3800 & a large radial brush tames the beast. Plus it stays smooth & shiny for about 3 days.

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Cristina Maria Solem

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You should use pure coconutoil and leave it in the hair overnight, and shampoo hair as normal and end it with a hairmask. Works wonders for me! smile

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