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Dakota Burd

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Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Hello! I am back on model mayhem after leaving for about a year! I'm looking for advice on what my portfolio may be lacking and what is good in it that I could build on! Please give me feedback! All is appreciated.

Thanks for reading!

Kind regards

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Marissa St Claire

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Eugene, Oregon, US

Gorgeous port and great variety. Keep doing what you are doing for sure!
One thing to keep in mind is that you have a very soft face and that is great for some types of work but not all the time. Try some more extreme makeup looks, especially focusing on facial contouring.

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Filles de Pin-up

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Wichita, Kansas, US

I like that your portfolio shows some versatility, and variety of expressions.

My favorite is this one. It showcases a special talent that you have. I am willing to ignore the color cast on this one. If I hired you, it would be because of this one. So showcase your talents. Makes me wish I still lived in WA.

I like the lighting in this one. Interesting.

Good portraits.

This one is stronger than the other one.

Your hands are chopped off. It looks over exposed, and the white balance looks off to me. However you have a great smile.

These two just dosn't speak to me. Might be me.

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Adam MacHose

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Easton, Pennsylvania, US

It's weird, and sort of charming, that you refer to yourself as a newbie. You clearly have done a lot of good work.

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Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Your portfolio is really strong though.

This is the only one that bothers me because you have no hands and it's not working for me;

And this one is okay/good but not as great as your others;

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