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Unique Advanced Portable Flash Lighting on Location Workshop with MODELS -  July 14th, 2013 in NYC

Planning an Unique Advanced Portable Flash Lighting on Location Workshop - July 14th, 2013 in NYC
Limited attendees! For beginners and advance level photographers workshop.
Full details announced next week!!

Enough shooting time is provided, so each photographer can practice their newly learned skills, while being guided by Anton.


ABOUT your photography Instructor - Anton Oparin:

For the past twenty years, fashion photography and video has not only been my specialization but also my love.
Many photographers dream of having the contacts and opportunities that I have. When I started fashion photography over 2 decades ago,
I dreamed of one day shooting for Victoria Secret and famous fashion designers.
Today, I am living that dream.
I presently shoot for an overwhelming amount of upscale fashion designers and prestigious magazines ...

Also I successfully conduct many Photography Masterclasses from 2009 - present time.
You can check some behind the scenes "tips and tricks" from my fashion shots at

Fashion Photography Channel on YouTube:


The workshop will take place at Brooklyn NY in 2 different mini-locations, on Sunday, July 14th, 2013 

Arrival time for attendees is 1:30pm.  Please arrive on time, so we can test your gear.

Anton will begin teaching at 2pm sharp and everything will be wrapped up by 9:00 pm.

To avoid random people dropping by "just to say hi", we will provide the exact address for meet up only to those with confirmed bookings. 

This workshop will be a very intense and challenging. 
There will be a lot of technical instruction, and a very healthy dose of shooting with models.
We'll get 1-2 good looking models, with ready make-up to point your camera!

Total in shooting time will be FIVE hours, not counting a half hour break for lunch and a half hour for changing location. 
About half the time will be spent on lighting instruction and theory, the other half will be "guided shooting". 
Lunch is kind of self-explanatory..we'll have place nearby location to get quick food/drinks and use bathroom.

Maximum group of attendees is limited to SIX per day. 
We are purposely locking the group to a very small size to ensure an intimate exclusive atmosphere,
and to make sure each attendee gets plenty of time to shoot and ask questions. 

Our goal is to make sure that each photographer walks away from this workshop with
a working knowledge of advanced lighting setups on locations,
and we feel that a smaller group is simply more conducive and will be more productive in achieving that goal.

The price of this workshop is (ONLY!)- $150 (for 6hrs shoot).


Book 2 weeks before workshop - $30 off.

Please read the refund/cancellation policy below before submitting your deposit.

We're going with a very simple policy for this one. 
If you need to cancel, and do it at least a week before the workshop,
you get your deposit back in full. 
If you cancel with less then a week to go, the deposit is gone.   
If we have to cancel for any reason or change to date you can not come (due weather conditions/rain),
you will get your deposit back in full.

Deposit ($50 via PayPal) required. 

To reserve your spot at workshop July 14th, please Click here:

We inviting you to JOIN our new Fashion Photography Workshops group on Facebook and register for our upcoming events there!



1-4 portable flashes / reflectors/ diffusers light setups

This is the current plan, we will expand more to further modify and expand as we get closer....

Learn how and what to shoot when your shooting for a Client vs a Model vs Your own portfolio,
learn what it is to deal with Art directors and difficult model personalities on set. 

Everything you need to know about putting together a professional Fashion photo shoot on location. 

What to bring:  Your camera, lenses (24-70 & 70-200mm) or any you have at this angles range, your on-camera flash(s), Memory cards. 
Notebook/pen/pencil if you like taking note. 
Enthusiasm and thirst for knowledge, plus a good mood and a sense of humor. 

If you don't drive - we'll pick you up at nearest subway station!
(no friends/drivers allowed to workshop, sorry!)

If you have any questions, please email me -
or reply here @ MM

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Jun 14 13 06:32 pm Link