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We have a wonderful five days of events coming up for those of you in the Bay area. 


With nine events scheduled in just five days, there is really something there for everyone!

We are starting with "Sunset on Treasure Island with Krista Kae."  This is going to be a fun event where we shoot sunsets facing to the west.  After the sun goes down, we'll move over the the LED lit sculpture, shooting in the darkness.  We'll have a great model to pose for us there.

CLICK HERE to read all about our sunset event on Treasure Island.

On Friday afternoon, we are having a total of two, One on One events.  At a one on one event, you get to book individual hours with the headliner models we bring in from out of town.  This week we're bringing in two models from Los Angeles.  They are Amanda-Ashley Harris and Krista Kae.  Both of them have been here before and all are popular.

CLICK HERE to read all about the One on One event with Krista Kae.

CLICK HERE to read all about the One on One event with Amanda-Ashley Harris.

Friday Evening we have:  "An Evening of Shooting With Amanda-Ashley Harris and Krista."  These multi-girl, evening events are always a LOT of fun.  This time we'll be shooting everything from fashion, to glamour to fine art nudes.  This will be a great event.

CLICK HERE to read all about "An Evening of Shooting With Amanda-Ashley Harris and Krista."

Saturday we have our marquis event, the "Glamour Bash."  The Bash has been running continuously now, for more than ten years.  We've had many different mixes of models.  This weekend we have fourteen models signed up to shoot.  In fairness, there are always cancellations, but I fully expect nine to twelve models this Saturday.  What's more, it is a "five-star" line-up.  It has, literally, something for everyone.  Two of our out of town models, Amanda-Ashley Harris and Krista Kae will be headlining.  If you've never been to the Glamour Bash, this is the one you want to try.

CLICK HERE to read all about the "Glamour Bash" this Saturday.

That brings us to Sunday where we'll have two great events.  In the morning, we'll be having a "Bob Elvin Workshop."  Bob is a well known photographer, director and instructor from the Bay area.  He's really wonderful to have in the studio.  He has just started teaching a five part series on film-making and producing professional videos.  It is being geared to the use of a DSLR.  This is lesson two but the first lesson isn't required.  The first lesson was an absolute hit.  He's going to teach you how to incorporate camera motion into your shots, doing it right.  He'll be teaching a lot more as well.

CLICK HERE to read all about the "Bob Elvin Workshop" this Sunday morning.

Later that day we will have:  "A Special Sunday Afternoon with Krista and Juliet ."  This is similar to the Friday night event, but we are offering it on Sunday afternoon so that more people can attend.  We've got two great models.  We've changed the line-up so it won't be the same as Friday night.  Juliet is one of the best fine-art models we have worked with.  Krista is just gorgeous.

CLICK HERE to read all about "A Special Sunday Afternoon with Krista and Juliet" this Sunday afternoon.

Our final event is set for Monday evening.  It is a special, member's only event for members of the Photo Studio Club.   If you are unfamiliar with the Photo Studio Club, CLICK HERE and select the tab for the "Photo Studio Club."  You will get all the information you need.  It is a combination of a camera club and a studio co-op at an affordable price.

The event on Monday night is called:  "Let’s All Have Some Fun Shooting Krista Kae!"  It is a special event in that it is priced at only $20 for club members.  It is one of several free of low cost event intended for our members.  This will be a night of fashion with a great fashion model.

CLICK HERE to read all about "Let’s All Have Some Fun Shooting Krista Kae!" this Monday evening.

If you click the links, you will be taken to where you will see images of all the model appearing at our events.  I hope to see you at one or more events this weekend.

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