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Michael Moore II

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Toledo, Ohio, US

Located in Adrian MI, this location has 17 acres of private property that we are allowed to use and shoot on. Also there is a large in door pool available for us to use as well. Limiting this to 30 photographers.

The date is July 13th. Add me on fb and i can invite you to the event thread so you can start making a schedule. There are a few experienced models you get to sign up with as soon as you prepay.   

The cost is $50 for the whole day.

There is also a private mansion shoot shoot that is halfway filled up on July 14th. Nudes will be available for this shoot as well. $100 for the mansion shoot if you come to the Gardens or $125 if you dont come to the gardens shoot.

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Voist Photographer

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I missed this, any more coming up?

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