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A summer day in Hammonton NJ – what you need to know about the basics to advanced of on location portrait lighting with speed lights and how to get there the cheapest way possible.

I will be holding an outdoor workshop/lecture Saturday August the 17th 2013 @ 4PM on Mainstreet in Hammonton New Jersey.

I will be covering:

How to get the best results mid day out of a speedlight + softbox/umbrella kit on location.

How to overpower the sun with your flash using a simple law called the inverse square law and how to apply it to your photography and understand it the simplest way possible that makes the most sense.

The essentials such as what shutter speed/aperture/iso to use during any given photoshoot while using an off camera speed light.

How shutterspeed/aperture/iso all come into play while using off camera flash.

I will explain how each setting will effect your image while using off camera flash as simply as possible and will be answering questions about the topic as well.

The most basic portrait lighting styles a long with the more complicated ones and how to achieve them on a consistant basis.

How to get good, clean, consistant portraiture lighting easily using a cheap speedlight & cheap softbox/umbrella.

At the end of the lecture and demonstrations I will allow each person to photograph the model that will be assisting me throughout the lecture using my speedlight + softbox and I will walk through all of the steps with each photographer as they are taking photos and assist them with any problems as need be. (The trigger/receiver & speed light is compatable with both Canon and Nikon DSLR’s).

After the end of the photo session I will end the lecture with a general questions & answers session regarding anything that you might want to know, I sure that there will be many “aha!” moments!

More info can be found here: … -the-17th/

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