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Senator Awesomepants

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Greenville, Indiana, US

I know it's weird but my last month and a half of no reason worsening of my bruising(and pain) on my shoulder means avoiding everything possibly related to my shoulder. Though at least I know nothing is broke. It just hurts enough to make me nauseous all the time and has bruising and swelling that keeps getting worse. But it's definitely not anything broken so I'm probably imagining it... As my bruising only gets worse...

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Jerry Nemeth

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Dearborn, Michigan, US

Have a doctor look at it.  Something is causing this problem.

Jun 29 13 05:02 am Link


Jim Shibley

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Phoenix, Arizona, US

Yep, see a doctor or two if its not healing on its own. I hope you're better soon. smile

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Please have this checked.

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Jen B

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Senator Awesomepants wrote:
... As my bruising only gets worse...

Dubious that you're imagining it. Bruising = bleeding and we need out blood to survive.

Go for help. Please update.

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Elizabeth Claret

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Nah, you're fine, just cut it off.

Jul 03 13 10:32 pm Link