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I'm very new to photography and post processing, so forgive my naivety.    But I'm wondering what goes into getting a look like this?  It reminds me of Rockwell from Saturday Evening Post almost.  I know I can't expect a tutorial here, but some basic elements that happen in post to achieve this....or point me in a direction for tutoring....

Thank you!

Also....I don't know if this is the way to post that link to the pic?  I hope it shows.  I didn't want to post the pic without permission, but I like the example. 

Thanks again

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Looks like a lot of Dodging and Burning going on.
Make a new layer, fill with 50% grey, set blend mode to Soft Light and  use a brush set to a low opacity to paint in black to darken, white to lighten.
That's a basic start on it.  Using different blend modes can emphasize it more or make it more subtle.  Some people will have a layer for burning and another one for dodging.  You can also use colors instead of just B/W.
Experiment with it on some image using different blend modes, brush opacities, brush shapes and hardness and colors to see what you get.
Change the blend modes of layers already done to see how different the looks are.

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Topaz Detail can create a similar effect . . .

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Joann Empson

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With GIMP, you can get a similar effect using the G'MIC Texture Enhance filter.

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HDR, maybe.

I have a habit of going a little overboard with HDR, but if you can get subtler than me, that look can emerge.
They also chose an awesome location.

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looks like d&b or maybe some hdr effect or both

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Looks like a HDTM from a single exposure.
Topaz HDR or NikColorFX will do the job.

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