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Jamtron Studio

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Venice, Florida, US

I recently sold my film cameras, and realized I'd still like to play around with film, this is a little pricey for a plastic camera, but I love the 6X9 format. Anyone using this?

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Arlington, Virginia, US

I have one.  It is pricey for a plastic camera, and it's not very sturdy, but how many new film cameras are being made these days?

Pros: Compact form factor, a decent selection of lenses (both plastic and glass), different film masks (6x6, 6x7, 6x9), has (admittedly primitive) aperture priority mode, has hot shoe.

Cons: Flimsy, as stated above, lenses are soft, can be difficult to achieve sharp focus. Really needs a cable release screw.

Check out flickr for a discussion group and sample photos.  It's fun to use.

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Imho, for 6x9 there is no better camera than Fuji GW690 and GSW690 series.

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Henry The Artist

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For the same sort of money as a Lomo Belair (around £270 in UK) you can get an Arax 60 or 645. Comes with a lot more than the Lomo and is a much better camera. I've been using the 645/MLU for the last couple of years.

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C h a r l e s D

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Looks like they've got a 6x12 too.  I'd love to play with these and see what they can do.

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