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The people bashing these phone cameras are in for a rude awakening, obviously a selling point is that they take *great* pictures in most conditions, not just big ones. Everybody is thinking optics when they should be thinking algorithms, the math behind the capture is getting really smart really fast. There are technical papers all over the place regarding imaging.

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PhillipM wrote:
I want to see them attach a 300 F4 to that little guy... wink

Considering the probable size of the sensor, I think what you want is a 35mm f/4.5 lens.

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We're taking more pictures than ever ... so why are cameras dying off? … 6C10607491

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R Michael Walker

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GreatMomentsPhotography wrote:
12mp has been the magic number for me for a number of years. 41mp is just for people that crop a lot or do posters.

Or in the case of myself and my Nikon D800 just want the absolute best quality I can wring out of a sensor including the longest tonal range the ability to capture tiny details that escape lesser cameras that i've owned previously. Now I DOUBT a phone camera will actually be able to do all that even with 40+ MPS. But when they are done right, MPs ARE an important part of image making.

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That's an interesting article, I mentioned to someone a couple of weeks ago that I predict that we'd see Nikon, Canon, or another major camera company file for bankruptcy in the next 5 years. These guys had better watch out and start a long term game plan or else they'll be scrambling like Kodak.

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Armando D Photography

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The next big Facebook/instagram restroom by the toilet in front of the mirror pic taking machine. Lol, at least they will be.. Um.. Better now smile

(Need to add as well ( the car seat 200th of the day pic  that goes on ppl timeline)) lol

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Yingwah Productions

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AJScalzitti wrote:

Actually I think many D700 owners might disagree, and didn't the D600 prove to be better than the D800 for low light?

I've seen several tests show the d800 beating the d700 in shadow detail and regular high iso detail retention and improved chroma noise.
But thats not really the point, which is that most people thought the D800 would be a studio only camera, even then people said it would be too much resolution for the sensor. Then it was actually released and everyone found it had great image quality, dynamic range, and high iso ability

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One word:  Lighting.

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Fred Greissing

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The strong point of the new Nokia phone camera is that the high MP design is focused on oversampling and for the very small pixel pitch to be used for zooming.

If it's a step forward on their previous callphone camera it could be quite a brilliant little camera.  As for the OS on the camera the Windows cell phone OS is excellent.

Nokia's Pureview camera in their cell phones is quite amazing: … jyq-cjyiNu

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Armando D Photography wrote:
The next big Facebook/instagram restroom by the toilet in front of the mirror pic taking machine.

Now that was funny, and so true.

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PhillipM wrote:
I heard this a.m. on Z100 out of N.Y., that some phone mfg, is bringing out a camera / phone with 43 megapixels...

What good are 43 tiny, noisy pixels?

PhillipM wrote:
That's it.  I'm done.  Selling all my gear, and becoming a Monk.


I've been a "Priest" all my life.

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Stephoto Photography

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MP doesn't really matter. it really is knowing light, composition, etc. Yeah, as a professional, I have my quirks- but I can't tell you how many people come to me and ask for help taking a professional photo. "I had someone take mine, but I can't quite place what's wrong with it... it just looks, off?" and you go and look at it- the skies blown out, there's no thought to lighting at all, there's a big tree in front of the shop and the photo is crooked. I've never "WTF"'d so many times in my life lately.

The photos people call professional, omg. All i could really say was "i think i know what's bothering you, I promise that once I give you your shot, you'll notice a HUGE difference!"

Admittedly, there's a place for everything. This little camera phone might come in handy for some stuff.

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