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Chuck Purnell

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Wilmington, Delaware, US

So I just completed building my Pro Photo Blog website. Mine is set up more like a website instead of a blog but I left a place for a blog to go on there. I just need to jump right in and get this blog started but have no idea where to start! LOL!

Almost everyday I take photos with my iPhone of whatever catches my eye so could my blog be about that or should I keep it in tune with what the rest of my website is about? For example if I am doing a shoot for a client, make a blog entry about that person's photoshoot?


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some people (especially chicks) spill their guts on their photo biz web site and that just seems wrong to me (then again i'm male). don't drink pink wine and blog!

we blog about our shoots mostly. try to show that we're popular and active sort of thing:

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i use my Tumblr blog to post photos from recent photoshoots.

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M Barnes Photography

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It's an individual thing.

I know photographers whose writing personality is amazing, so the more personal/witty writing in their blog gets them closer to fans/potential clients and helps them.

Others have elaborate shoots and post behind-the-scenes and set-up images, which are interesting and hence attract readers (other photographers, for the most part, as far as I can tell).

Some just post single shots every couple of days that are of such high quality you want to follow them for inspiration.

I think they key is understanding your own strengths (and weaknesses) and your target audience.

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Barry Kidd Photography

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Red Lion, Pennsylvania, US

I blog but sadly my blog sux and I never really know what to write about.  I try to fix that problem from time to time but always fail.  Perhaps one day I will figure it out and get it right.

Shitty blogger or not the one thing that even my limited blogging does for my site is that it keeps fresh content on the site and Big "G" loves fresh content.

Unfortunately my site is not ranked on google's 1-10 ranking system but I am listed on googles first page for local searches for my primary keyword keyword and And I'm ranked #1 locally for both of my primary long tail keywords.  My Alexa score bounces back and forth between ----- the low 600,000 and hight 500,000's which isn't great but not bad for a small photography site.  I attribute all of this to my sadly maintained little blog.

Though I really need to blog better I have no doubt that, in the end, my blog brings more attention to my site and by association more work.

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Chuck Purnell

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Wilmington, Delaware, US

Thanks everyone. I am going to try and put something together soon to start mine!

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