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Alabaster Crowley

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Tucson, Arizona, US

Pretty simple, like the title says. If not, why?


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Michael McGowan

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Tucson, Arizona, US

Only if I had a job where you'd fit in. Generally, I need models who don't mind being nude. You say you don't want to do that, so I respect that. If you change your mind on that, look me up.

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Lakin S

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Ashland, Kentucky, US

Yes, because it looks like you have great potential and an amazing bone structure.
However, your face has the same look and feel in ALL the photos in your portfolio. You should do some more shooting and play with a variety of looks and emotions in them!

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Jorge Kreimer

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Los Angeles, California, US

I would. smile

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Fresno, California, US

Yes. Because you would be fun to create with.

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New York, New York, US

Short answer
Yes I would work with you.

Long answer
Why I shouldn't work with you?
Who cares if your face have same look and feel in every picture in your port like someone said.

Because I never pick my models based upon portfolio looks.
Having a strong port or not will not affect my decision.
I do a systematic exclusive "OR" to erase the fake and fluff of model looks in my mind when I visit their port. I look for a soul only. If I find it, then
I like the challenge to use that model to any project of my own.
I treat the model experience or lack of experience the same way. Because
it has no bearing on my work. I don't rely on it to succeed. I cast the personality and look I need and not what they have to offer.

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Saco, Maine, US

Even though you say that you do not shoot nudes (which is what I paint), I would still want to work with you, because I really like your look, and I ALWAYS wanted to paint a 5 to 6 painting series of a Go-Go dancer working and you fit the bill nicely!  smile

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Sergei Rodionov

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Dallas, Texas, US


B/c of that photo

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Adam J Caldwell

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London, England, United Kingdom

Hell to the YEAHH

Your skin is amazing & you have cheekbones I would just love to light!

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I Ference Photography

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Brooklyn, New York, US

Not unless you were willing to shoot nude, with minimal or no makeup.  That doesn't really seem to be your style, and that's cool - I think there are an awful lot of photographers here who do shoot your style, and would be falling over themselves to work with you.  You do your style very well.

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no dont like your look

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Mark C Smith

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada



Really like your look.

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