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Intro to DSLR photography (use promo Code) - $66 (Toronto )
Please use promo code (List01) for discount
When:Wednesday July 31, 2013 -- Time:6:00pm -- 10:00pm
Price:$65.99 +Tax It will apply $15.00 discount if you have promo code
At the door: $100.00
more info … otography/

Perhaps you've bought your first DSLR Camera or you got one as a gift. Now you are looking forward to using it and taking beautiful pictures. Are many of your shots burly, too dark or too bright? You may not even know what the problem is or even think it's the camera fault. . . wait a minute! This may all be happening because you don't know how to use the camera well enough. Please join us for a three hour workshop and a one hours answer and question period with great instructor who has been in the photographic industry for over 17 years.

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