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Frederick, Maryland, US

Megas Inc in Las Vegas Event Palace Party- Tickets on sale now!!
(click link for ticket prices, event info and sponsorship packages) … pJMA-EEQL-

High profile bikini models will take part in the bikini contest, with the Megas VIP members and guests voting on their favorite. This puts a different spin on the ever-popular bikini contest. The entire event will be a fun and exciting night filled with dancing and partying. Guests will have the opportunity to mix with the hottest bikini models around. Megas provides the opportunities most people only dream of. The famous Dungeon Family, which boasts members such as Cee Lo Green and Andre 3000, want in on the action Megas provides and have sponsored the event. The Megas VIP Palace Event will be the party of the year and the perfect way to close out a successful season.

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