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Alicia Barry

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Walnut Creek, California, US

Event where local artist, photographers, fashion designers, musicians, and actors come to meet and display they're art. There's fashion shows, makeup demos, and performances.

Raw artist @ 1515 Folsom on August 22. From 8-midnight. Tickets are 15 online and 20 at the door. Use the name alicia barry for discount!

Go to:
Click on En Masse banner and click alicia barry for the discount.

* awesome networking opportunity. I went last time and now I'm being featured! It's a really great way to get your name out there!!!
Also to support your local artist

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Makeup Artist

Sovantha B

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San Francisco, California, US

Hello Alicia,

Is there anything that one needs to bring to this event? Portfolio, makeup, etc?

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Portland, Oregon, US

RAW is pay to play with very little benefit. … ience.html

This "event" will probably end up in lock.

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