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Denise Dy-Prieto

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Please click the link and LIKE my photo to be featured in the business card of R.Captain Photography, get more exposures and win cash prizes! Voting is until August 31st.
Make sure you like the original post. Thank you

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i voted for ethel may potter-mertz



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Orca Bay Images

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Sorry, Denise, but vote-for-me threads are considered spam on MM. This is gonna get locked.

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Leonard Gee Photography

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I like ethel may potter-mertz too. Good call!

Bad call here:

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Tropic Light

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Yeah, Ethel Mae was the hottie on that show.  Fred was such a lucky guy.  *sigh*

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Denise Dy-Prieto

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Las Vegas, Nevada, US

How do i delete the post?

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