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Los Angeles, California, US

I like hugs a lot... except I sweat like a pig after a shoot (I have 100lbs+ equipment that I lug around), so hug me at your own discretion big_smile

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Bristol, England, United Kingdom

There you go, another reason to hug - helps mop up excess perspiration!

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Jim McSmith

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Hug a tree!

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Don't hug me. Awkward. neutral

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I'm latin, and we always kiss hello and goodbye, even to strangers... I've had a few awkward moments when I go for the kiss, and girls think I'm going for the kill, and they awkwardly try and hug me, and then I realize what just happened, and I have to explain, or some will just let me do it, but then you see their face of wtf is going on... And if they are European, I leave them hanging, because I'll do one kiss, and they will want to go for two... (I know greedy people).

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GM Photography

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I'm a "hugger" and wouldn't find it offensive at all, but having said that, I would never initiate a hug with a model for fear of having it being taken as "inappropriate".  They almost all hug me at the end of a shoot, so it's all good.

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I actually feel awkward with handshakes.  Handshakes are for the normie business folk that crush each others' hands to display confidence. 

I prefer a hug or wave goodbye.

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Peach Jones

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I honestly cannot remember the last shoot I had in which we did not say goodbye with a hug. And almost always the model initiates. Just the other day a fully nude model gave me a big hug after she saw one of the shots.......and she has not been the first nude model to do this.

In other words, I like hugs. But if I sense a model in "cold" and not very friendly, then I am sure hugs will probably be out

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All Yours Photography

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I consider hugs after the shoot the same as nudity during the shoot, always welcome but never required.

I normally don't initiate a hug, at least not the first time shooting with a model, but I think my body language is usually clear enough that I am open to a hug.

I've even gotten a hug from a girl at the end of her Sr. photo shoot.  Her mom was present and it was clearly her idea, so it was fine with me.

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I was never a huggy person growing up. Shooting first in Texas and now Utah which I think are the #2 and 3 huggiest states behind Wisconsin, I found myself getting hugged quite a bit after shoots. At first I found it quite awkward. Eventually I got used to it.

Most people I deal with expect it and now I may even initiate them after clearing it with the model. I do have a few who do not want them. They often get virtual hugs instead.

If the shot involved nudity... It's still awkward for me to be hugged by a nude or partially nude model (initiated by them, not me), and I really try to avoid that.

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Mark C Smith

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Being a 6'2" weightlifter, I tend to let the model initiate a hug. But I've also never felt threatened if/when they do lol And certainly don't consider an invasion of my space, hugs are nice!

Personally, I offer a fistbump (with or without blowing it up) when they're leaving or when I'm dropping them off. Works just fine for me.

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So at first we learn that models never ever may be touched by the photographer and then we get hugged and kissed by the models... Okay.

If a man touches or kisses a woman unsolicitedly he runs the risk to get accused to be a sexual molester. If a man shows dislike to be touched or kissed by women unsolicitedly he runs the risk to be called buzzkill.

Am I the only one who thinks this is kinda weird?

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Amazing Productions

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-N-o-t-h-i-n-g- wrote:
This is something completely ridiculous that's been bugging me .

Is it acceptable to hug someone goodbye after a shoot ?

have to say i had never really thought
about it before and i tend to hug everyone

but i am starting to think ,some people may find it inappropriate

I have to say so far no-one has ever said don't hug me
neither appeared to be offended by it but ..

complete invasion of personal space ?

In my experience, most models hug the photographer goodbye. Often right after you pay them. smile

Makeup artists also hug. Hugs are less common from the 250 pound Grip.

And as another poster mentioned, hugs from naked models is also not unusual.

Unless the photographer had a irrational germ phobia like the detective Monk on TV, I can't imagine why anyone would object.

In fact, with hug it think that the model was happy with the way the shoot went. If no hug, I might wonder if she was dissatisfied with something.

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Creative Lion Images

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I think a hug is acceptable...99.9% of the time both myself and the model have fun shooting...laugh, joke, small talk before, after and in between sets...and I like to make new friends...I'm a pretty laid back guy and I like to have fun shooting...takes the pressure off for both of us and I think I get better shots as a result if both the model and myself are yeah I wouldn't think a hug is out of order when we wrap...I've even gotten a few naked hugs...initiated by the model of course...that one still kinda surprises me and catches me a bit off guard...but it all boils down to comfort level...

if you want to see awkward you should see me attempting to receive a man that's awkward...I don't care how well I know ya either...I just don't know what to do with that!...lmao

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Personally I really do not like even idea of anybody hugging me with exception of family. We have a friend who likes to hug. She did it often enough that I kind of learned to tolerate hugging in general but I still feel uncomfortable most of the times. Once in while I meet people who are so natural huggers that it does not make me feel discomfort.

No surprises that I would not initiate hugs with clients and will feel awkward if they  hug me.

Handshake on the other hand is perfectly fine.

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Form Guild

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I always hug the models after a shoot. The ones that deserve one.

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Fotografica Gregor

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because I am the photographer, and everyone on MM knows how dangerous and predatory photographers are smile   I never initiate any kind of contact.  If  a model offers no contact at all that is fine.  If she offers a handshake that is a nice gesture.  But in my experience a majority especially of the more experienced offer a hug - maybe not the first time but once they have gotten to know you - and that is just fine.  It is a warm and lovely gesture, and my girlfriend does not mind - as long as it does not progress too much farther :p

edited to add - one of my favourite models and human beings is a tiny little thing, last time we worked together she jumped into my arms and wrapped her legs around my waste, and hugged me so tightly I could not breathe  -  it was really very sweet....  and not quite in excess of my girlfriends tolerance level lol....

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Rebel Lens

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Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

I never get a hug (sniff) :'(

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Nico Simon Princely

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I am a friendly person and models and women in general tend to pickup on that and hug me, after meet and greets and shoots etc. I have no problem with it. I let them initiate though, unless they have hugged me before then it's generally mutual.

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Karl Barbosa Photo

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Montreal, Quebec, Canada

I'm a touchy feely kinda guy in my personal life. But as a photographer, I will never initiate anything further than a handshake. But if a model reaches out to me for a hug, I'll make sure she gets a great one.

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Two Pears Studio

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For me... you should express yourself. Don't hold back.

A hug after a shoot or sitting is perfect.

Those who think it's creepy or inappropriate... I don't understand it.

I always put my hand out for a handshake... and if the model goes in for a hug... I reciprocate. To me it's an honor to collaborate in my art and I am happy that they felt a hug was warranted.

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V Nixie

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-N-o-t-h-i-n-g- wrote:
This is something completely ridiculous that's been bugging me .

Is it acceptable to hug someone goodbye after a shoot ?

have to say i had never really thought
about it before and i tend to hug everyone

but i am starting to think ,some people may find it inappropriate

I have to say so far no-one has ever said don't hug me
neither appeared to be offended by it but ..

complete invasion of personal space ?

First of all I think it's up to the model to make that choice if it's a one on one shoot. If it's a big project then...anyone can make the choice(safety levels change). Personally I judge how comfortable they may be with it. Some cultures aren't ok with it. Sometimes I ask "hugs?" in a friendly joking way to figure out if it's ok.
I hug most everyone smile.

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Garlic Bread

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lol i hug people when i see them and when i leave. never thought about it and never had a problem. now ill think about it every time haha.

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Stephen Fletcher

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I always figured when a model hugs me at the end of a shoot 1.  We both had a good time.  2.  I  behaved 100% professionaly and they were very comfortable with me.

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Quay Lude

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I used to allow it but then word got out and models were coming to me just for the hugs. It got out of hand. I had to put something in my profile about not allowing models to hug me. But still, they show up with open arms and expectations.

It's a difficult position to be in.

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John Carman

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It's always been a superstition for me. If there's no goodbye hug, then I feel the shoot has somehow been jinxed. Which is ridiculous, because the photos are already in my computer. Anyhow, a hug is a good thing. And hugs have been proven to be advantageous to good health.

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Body Painter

BodyPainter Rich

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I never turn down a hug. I can't imagine why someone would... unless the prospective hugger was covered in something nasty, smelled of nastiness, or was just an offensive person in some way.

That being said, I'm a firm believer that hugging works best when it is consensual and even better when it is initiated by the smaller or more vulnerable person involved.

Having someone much larger or stronger than you come in for a hug can be a bit un-nerving.

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Larry Quick

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Most models I work with give me a hug after the shoot, and a few have given me a kiss on the cheek. I dont think its inapropriate at all, just two people that have gotten along on a great photo shoot.

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Huggings ok until they try to slip their tongue in.

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Martin Schiff Photo

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If a model wishes to hug me after a shoot, it makes me feel good that they are comfortable with me. I always let the model initiate it though. Otherwise, a hand shake or no contact at all, depending on what it seems that they want.

Hugs happen a lot. ;-)

-- Martin

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David Mayes Jr

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Cloverdale, Indiana, US

I've been hugged and I have not been hugged.  Neither scenario bugged me.

One time, I was a bit under the weather, and asked the model to keep her distance.  I can honestly say I've never done a Sam Winchester hug.

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Don Garrett

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A photo shoot can be a pretty intimate thing - the artist and the model share time together, and can feel close. It is just an expression of affection that, sometimes, people who are close to each other do. Not a big deal, but a nice gesture, and feels good, both emotionally and physically. There is no rule that says yes or no to this expression of affection.

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Jerry Nemeth

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V Nixie wrote:

First of all I think it's up to the model to make that choice if it's a one on one shoot. If it's a big project then...anyone can make the choice(safety levels change). Personally I judge how comfortable they may be with it. Some cultures aren't ok with it. Sometimes I ask "hugs?" in a friendly joking way to figure out if it's ok.
I hug most everyone smile.

I have been spontaneously hugged by quite a few models.  I don't have a problem with this.  smile

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Travis Milan

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FlirtynFun Photography wrote:
First, be yourself...if you want to hug it. If they don't like hugging or don't want to be hugged, they can tell you. The one word of caution, if you're in a situation where it's a husband and wife, hug the wife first.

By the way...PLEASE come shoot in Texas! We'd love to work with you...and yes, we hug here too! smile

Absolutely agree with this! This is how I am and what I do....good advice with a husband and wife team.

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Makeup Artist

The Ministry of Glamour

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Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

People are always trying to hug me *before* the shoot upon meeting me! Awkward!!! Soooo not a hugger. Buy if they try to hug me after the shoot, that must mean they still like me, lol.

Always hug back while secretly wishing I was that friendly.😎

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V Laroche

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I do not like hugs. Hugs were not invented by a woman with big tits. End of story.

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LOL. It took me living in a Mediterranean country for several years to get me to start hugging ANYONE. Now I'll hug pretty much whomever, but beforehand? Nope. Much too German for all that shiznit. wink

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Fred Ackerman

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Working with a model is quite intimate.. My personal experience over the years has been with the vast majority of shoots ending with either a hug, kiss or usually both. I let the model decide..

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robert b mitchell

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I do not initiate the hug. Many of my models do and if it's alright with them then fine by me. I think that they have really enjoyed the shoot then. It makes me feel good that they enjoyed the

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Abiqua Production Comp

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I think it is a culture with in the entertainment industry.  You do not see a bunch of insurance agents hugging each other after having a conversation.

Just saying lol

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