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Photo Assistant Boot Camp Sept 21-22 2013
Gain real world experience working in a NYC rental studio, using Pro studio equipment, and learning on-set tech, grip and lighting skills needed to get work as a photo assistant.
Learn the proper way to meter for Flash and Color Temp. and create the perfect White Background, Color Correcting lights, and how use: KinoFlo, HMI's, and Studio Strobes independently and mixed. Work with: Chimera, K5600, Dynalite, Profoto, professional studio strobes and numerous light modifiers.
We capture our lighting setups with Canon's high-end DSLR's and Phase One Capture 1 Pro software.
Past attendees have been Photo school students, photo assistants, art directors, photo editors, eComm photographers, photographers from smaller markets; as well as staff from photographers studios listed on the site.

Check this link for registration and full details.

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