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Welcome to the Contests Forum, the place to find awesome member-run photo contests.  There are a lot of dedicated people here working to help you show off your mad skills, see others' amazing work, and have some fun.

To make sure everyone knows what they're getting into, we have a few contest guidelines all contests here must follow.

Guidelines for contests:

1. Contest hosts and assistants are to be referred to as “Contest Host” or “Host” – not “Moderator”, not “Admin” (so no one will confuse a Contest Host with one of the site's moderators or admins).

2. If Contest Hosts or assistants are going to take part in the contest (either through their own submissions or via voting) it MUST be explicitly explained in the contest rules that this is happening.

3. All contests must have clearly defined and detailed rules on how the contest works, entry requirements and clearly explained judging/moderation policies – including what actions trigger disqualification and how the disqualifications will be notified/monitored.  These rules should be posted in a clearly visible area of the contest.

4. Within the Rules post, contest must post the following statement to members:  “This contest is purely a member-run activity and does not carry with it any monetary value or equivalent prizes.  It is run purely by the contest host and is not moderated or monitored by the broader site moderation/administration team.  All disputes, issues, complaints associated with the contest must be directed at the contest host only.  The choice to partake in the contest is voluntary and Model Mayhem will not be held responsible for your participation or actions as a result of your participation.” 

5. Model Mayhem reserves the right to shut down any contest that it feels is in violation of these rules or does not represent the site’s mission or for any reason at any time, and will not be held responsible for any outstanding issues associated with the elimination of the contest.

The complete rules can be found on the first page of each contest. If you still need help, you may contact the hosts to ask questions regarding their respective contests.  However, if your question(s) may be better dealt with by contacting a site moderator, you should use this link.

If you have an idea for a new contest, please contact the moderators with your pitch. 


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