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the right shot

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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

I am looking to sell the following items. I'm based in Brisbane Australia.

1 x Bowens Gemini Espirit 500/500 travel kit comprising 2 X GM500 heads, 1 soft box, 1 umbrella, 1reflector , 2stands, sync cable and power cord in roll away travel bag. Very good  condition only small mark on softbox, rubber missing on one wheel on travel bag. Purchased 2008. Used about 30 times

1x Bowens Gemini Espirit 500/500 pack comprising 2x GM500 heads, 2 umbrellas, 2 reflectors, sync cable and power cord in travel bag. excellent condition. purchased 2008 used about 20 times

1x replacement strobe light for Espirit 500

1 x long portrait style soft box with detachable grid

1x beauty dish with honeycomb grid (grid is cracked but still works)

3 x pocket wizard plus 11 transceiver- excellent condition

1 x canon speed lite 580 ex - excellent condition

1x sekonic L758 DR digital master - excellent condition

Plus I'm also willing to sell my pride and joy portrait lens

1 x canon lens EF 85mm 1:1.2 L II

If any of the above items are of interest please email me at and ill send prices.

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