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How often does a professional high end vintage car restoration company allow photographers to shoot beautiful gals with custom and vintage cars, without it being a car show or public event?
Clean Cut Creations ( ) is opening their 1 acre property in Webster Groves for this amazing shoot out event. I am providing full vintage wardrobe and helping with other details, and together we make a great team with complementary skills and resources!
More info:

Sets include: 
[*]Over the top luxury boudoir: A bedroom set up with furs, stockings, corsets, and total elegance.
[*]Pin Up Picnic (with classic car)
[*]South Pacific Beach (with classic car)
[*]1930's Gangster/Bonnie and Clyde (withclassic car)
[*]Vintage Kitchen with antique appliances
[*]Hot Mechanic: Garage set with an actual torch and car parts[*]Military (with a classic car)
[*]'60's Drag Race (with a classic car)[*]Old Hollywood (with a classic car)
[*]'60's Mod (with a classic car)

Models include: 
[*]Linzy Anna  (Widely Published) - also see pics I've shot of her here and here and [url=]here[/url

[*]Kara Friedman (PlayBoy Miss Social)

[*]Amy Walkenhorst 


[*]Amy Mooney 

[*]Ashley Cancienne (2013 Miss Teen St. Louis)

[*]Kendra Torino

[*]Amilee Turner (Published Author) - also see pics I've shot of her here and here and here and here

[*]Nikki Bee

[*]Anita Wolf - and more pics I've shot of her here and here

Each photographer will be shooting 1 on 1 with 10 different models in 10 different  settings, most of which will include a variety of classic and custom vehicles. Each session with a model will last 20 minutes, with an additional 20 minute period to reset to the next session. You can expect to shoot with professional models with professionally done hair, makeup, wardrobe and styling to fit each set.Simple flood lighting will be provided as needed per set. You are welcome to bring your own portable flash and lighting. Please note that outlet space and extension cords are limited. Free Wi-fi is also available on-premise.150 deposit required to secure your spot (payable to Clean Cut Creations).

More info: - and be sure to watch the hastag #STLShootOut on Instagram and Facebook for exclusive prep shots of cars, wardrobe, and more!
Please share this event with your friends and anyone you think might be interested.


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We're excited to be a part of this shoot! What a great opportunity for photographers to have exclusive time with models in unique settings with cool cars.

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Since we did most of the wardrobe fittings last week and finalized the sets, here is our official list of Models and Sets... going to be lots of talent in one space!

Linzy Anna- Model(Widely Published) - as Rosie the Riveter with a lit blow torch
Kara Friedman (PlayBoy Miss Social) - as a Film Noir vixen in a lush fur coat, lingerie, heels, and luxury car
Amy Walkenhorst - as a carefree pinup swimsuit gal with a convertible and vintage South Pacific backdrop.
Amy Mooney - as a 1950s housewife, set up in an antique kitchen.
Ashley Renee Cancienne (2013 Miss Teen St. Louis) - as a 1920s gamine, wearing an authentic cloche hat, 100 year old furs, and a car to match.
Kendra Torino - as a patriotic wartime pinup gal, with a flag and a 1940s jeep
Amilee Turner (Published Author) - as a luxurious 1950s movie star. Think Marilyn Monroe. You will be her paparazzi.
Lauren Wall - as a mod 1960 cool chick, with an equally groovy car.
Anita Wolf - as a bright flowery 60s drag race rebel! She'll be posed with 2 cars, which one will win the race?
Nikki Bee - as a 1950s pinup gal, having a picnic next to her classic car.

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KMurrayCreative - VintageReveries

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Saint Louis, Missouri, US

We have 2 spots left! Be sure to contact me or Joann if you're interested!

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I wish I were closer!!

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