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Wildwood Portraits

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Can anyone offer any suggestions on this? I used Frequency Separation for the retouching and a 50% gray layer for the dodging and burning. I'm thinking it might be a little heavy on the dodge/burn and I'm not entirely sure how i feel about the background. I may soften the color up/desaturate the background a bit.

I know it's a little rough around the bird's tailfeathers too and a couple of spots on her neck. I'm not finished, still working on this image...But I'd like to hear some other opinions. Thanks. smile

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Laura Elizabeth Photo

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First off what's with that blue haze at the bottom of the origanl and why is it cropped?  It makes it a little harder to compare the images.

Anyways, you need you work on using masks better to replace a background.  There's many areas on the neck and shoulder on the right that really stand out as being places you colored inside the lines so to speak.  There's also a weird halo around the birds wings/body and around the neck.

I also can't be sure but it looks like the image lost some of it's sharpness but it's hard to tell at this size.  The skin is alright but overall the image looks dull and lacks pop, trying using curves to brighten it and add more contrast.

Hope that helps, keep working at it!

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Downtown Pro Photo

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Too hard around the hair and bird on the masking.
Good skin for what the original had to work with.  Focus issues on the original need addressing before I would have worked on it.  The eyes need to be sharp.
Also, take out the hot spot on the forehead, smooth the neck shadow and maybe some tone mapping to add depth.
finish off with a bit of noise to smooth out the work.

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Images by MR

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I like the colors / tones in the before more

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Jakov Markovic

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You blurred.

You should've just made the eyes pop, accentuate the parrot and add a bit of shimmer to her face.

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