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Geo Leon Photography

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I know the effect in this image is from a plug-in. Cant seem to find it though.

By the effect im referring to the Paint.

Anyone know? … ge/037.jpg

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Lars R Peterson

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Gaussian blur?

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Downtown Pro Photo

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seriously doubt it's a plug in.
Looks more like using pieces of images of paint being poured and splattered to combine them up into the final look.  I do that all the time with water splashes and smoke.  The trick is to shoot the elements on opposite end backgrounds. So white elements on black and dark elements on white, then use either a screen or multiply blending mode on the layer to reduce masking time.

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It's called shooting splashes, cutting them out and then compositing them into your photo.

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Maybe with plugin you mean brush presets.

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This sort of thing, even gives you links to s few brushes

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