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The shots look so crisp and sharp.

Any idea what sharpening settings i should be using to get this look?

Possibly the fabrics in that shoot help as they have lots of texture but it still looks razor sharp.

Do you think they masked some sort of noise over the clothing and sharpened it?

Any ideas?

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I don't see anything special about the sharpness. If you take a nice sharp shot and then sharpen at the output size there's no reason you wont have similar.

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I used to use Focus Magic. Then they didn't keep up with 16 bit images and 64 bit OSs, so I switched to Topaz InFocus.

Might go back to Focus Magic again, now that it's updated.

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if you're talking about the fabric texture you can duplicate the image and set the color mode to CMYK and then select the channel that has the most amount of detail and contrast for the fabric, copy and paste it onto the original as a new layer (not a channel)
Apply an unsharp mask filter to it for your taste and set the blend mode to soft light.  You can set the blend mode first to see how the filter affects the final look.
Then use a hide all mask and paint in the level of sharpness on the fabric you want.

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I would follow this sequence:

1) RAW conversion...

2) D&B and healing. Clean up everything that doesn't belong there, before next steps.

3) Create multiple different HDR images, and then blend them into the base image (percentual blend). Different HDRs, for different zones. (Masks will be needed). Note that I don't mean pure HDR, I mean HDR blended into the base image.

4) D&B and healing (again) to smooth the major imperfections and then sharpening (smoothing imperfections ahead and after each sharpening, allows you to go further will less damage).

5) Proceed with localized toning... (you need a lot of it after the HDR blend).

Note that for web images, there is also a lot about resizing to the proper size with sharpness.

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Thanks thats some nice clear detailed things for me to try smile

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micro contrast

like here:

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