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NothingIsRealButTheGirl wrote:

That image is only 50% gray if you desaturate it using the saturation in the Hue/Saturation/Lightness slider, which is a terrible way to desaturate an image.

You want to use a method (for starters) where luminosity = 0.299 x red + 0.587 x green + 0.114 x blue
(bad way)
(or better yet, use b&w adjustment layer, or channel mixer)

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Well, I get what people are saying, though sadly I think what I was saying was missed... but what can ya do. big_smile

I'm pretty happy with my new workflow... using the 50% grey layers for more drastic changes, and the curves for stuff like the skin. Also using the freq separation method for skin retouching, and a desaturated solar layer to help spot blending issues.

Looks like this now, vs the 1 50% grey layer I had and 1 layer for spot healing. Works great... but now need to update the computer since jumped from a 50MB file to a 500MB file. big_smile

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