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Sarah Ellis

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Portland, Oregon, US

NicoleNudes wrote:
Telling them to take a deep breath in could also work - just have to make sure that their expression is still good.

I don't really care if someone tells me to suck it in (as long as they're not rude about it. ex. Suck in your gut) - I normally do anyways so I don't need to be told.

Agreed.  Although I don't get offended when photographers ask me to "suck in my tummy," I think it's always best to direct with positive rather than negative language.  Another example could be saying, "lift your chin," rather than, "don't look down!!"  When photographers give positive directions rather than telling me what they don't like, the whole mood of the shoot becomes more collaborative and less stressful.  Also, I don't particularly like cute or childish language like "tummy," especially if I'm naked and trying to look regal or sexy.  If you want to make a model feel like a sexy, empowered woman, treat her like one.

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Christopher Hartman

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Natural Means wrote:
Without that hurt look thing that girls do.

Leave out the tummy.  Just say "Suck it in for a moment." [click] "yeah, awesome, thank you.!"

If they get hurt, I suspect then that perhaps they are a bit delusional or playfully giving you a hard time.

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Natural Means wrote:
Without that hurt look thing that girls do.

If you have to say anything beyond gentle coaching you have:

A) Casted the wrong model

B) Casted an amateur model who doesn't have a good idea of her body and posing

Here is the thing though...are you certain it's the model and not you...asking her into positions that make her look big or sloppy?

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Swanson Studios

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Suck it in and push em out works every time.  If they have modeled at all they know to suck in the tummy and push out the breasts smile

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kevin bellanger

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Natural Means wrote:
Without that hurt look thing that girls do.

..the same way you ask for no cheese on the hamberger

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hahaa you can say...


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Amber Dawn - Indiana

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If you don't want to hurt feelings then try photo shopping it out.

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I shoots lots of hunched poses, so I always say "suck and tuck".  If the model looks butthurt, I just let them know the pose will make anyone look not as small as they are, hence the suck.

After I know a model well enough, well then I don't preface a statement (or end it for that matter) with any kind of niceity.  They know me well enough by that point that I'm not being mean, I just know what the pose needs.

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Ben Hinman

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Westwood, California, US

Just say it like it is. Don't beat around the bush, if they can't handle it this isn't the business for them.

And don't listen to the people who say you should say it "positively", thats just stupid. its not supposed to be positive or negative, its just abs. jesus.

communication is key, so ideas like "if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all" only get in the way of true art

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Personal Photograph

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Inhale and hold it.

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Anna Adrielle wrote:
for beginning models, showing the difference on camera also works wonders. Often they don't know yet how much a difference a little change in posture can mean. So show them a shot where they were a bit slouchy and not sucking it in, and then show them a shot where they elongate their body and let the tummy stick out a bit, and the difference between the 2 shots will be very motivating smile. After that just say "remember the tummy" everyone once in a while, or "tummy!" or "stand up straight!"

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Arch your back, stomach in, boobs out.

If they cry/get offended if you ask them that, tough titties...

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"....when's your baby due?"   (kidding)

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Abby Hawkins

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"Tighten up your core!"
"Hold in your stomach!"

To be honest, I don't get offended when a photographer tells me that.  I recognize that the tiniest little "fleshy" part in real life with be amplified based on the outfit, lighting, pose, angle, etc.  Plus, it's an ab workout!

If you really want to be gentle with the model, point out that holding in your stomach/flexing your abs actually straightens your back a bit, so you avoid any unflattering hunches.

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- Aina -

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Redlands, California, US

"Pull your stomach in" has been one that I have heard before.
I tend to not like the sound of the word "gut", personally. Regardless, I don't feel that it isn't a big deal to be told to suck it in. Others, however, may have different feelings.  Some of the earlier posts have splendid ideas that are very neutral.

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Seker Pare

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Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia

I'm fine with suck it in...
I appreciate it when people let you know something doesn't look quite right. If I notice when someone is showing me some of the shots... I'll ask to do it again. It just wastes time if you're not honest about things easily fixed

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Bare Essential Photos

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I use the word "inhale." I then model it.

Always worked for me.

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PictureItYakima wrote:
I just kind of just spill it out when we're taking our first test shots.
"Okay here we go. Ready? Stomach in boobs out!  Lets go. 
Click, click.
I usually get a laugh.

This works for me, makes me laugh a little, humour always makes a shoot easier anyway.

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Swank Photography

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Natural Means wrote:
Without that hurt look thing that girls do.

I'm just honest with it. I usually say "Come on...suck that belly up, poke the girls out!"

Sometimes I say "Tits up!" (only if I really know you!)

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Francisco Castro

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Newport, Kentucky, US

Natural Means wrote:
Without that hurt look thing that girls do.

I use, "tighen your core". It's not just about sucking in. Most models with good abs want to show it off and tightening it shows the definition better.

I always tell the ladies, if you're shooting swimsuit and after the shoot you don't feel like you just had an ab workout, you're not doing it right.

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Hugh Alison

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"I don't fix things in photoshop" works quite well smile

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I had a good laugh with a photographer, once, when he said "suck in your tummy!"  I said "it is!"  Hahaha!

It doesn't bother me what a photographer says.  If I wore panties, they'd be the big girl kind.  I'm fully aware of my shape, and hope that the photographer is, as well. smile

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Risen Phoenix Photo

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Please suck in your stomach.. Then I proceed to tell them why

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"get really long"
"Engage your core"
"get tall"

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Breathe in?

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*eats a doughnut*

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try "take a deep breath from your diaphragm and hold it, but don't look like you're holding it" ? idk maybe

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PictureItYakima wrote:
I just kind of just spill it out when we're taking our first test shots.
"Okay here we go. Ready? Stomach in boobs out!  Lets go. 
Click, click.
I usually get a laugh.

Me too. I sometimes do it subtly by asking the model to arch her back or put her hands behind her head or something 'as it's flattering to your tummy' - once a model knows you're working with them to show them in the best way - they are usually well on board.

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

They don't need to tell me.  I'm constantly reminding myself, inside my head,  ''for God's sake, suck in your gut..."

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Magda Kulpinska

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Paris, Île-de-France, France

Everybody has To stuck in tummy for shoots. Its normal...

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Jessheim, Akershus, Norway

PictureItYakima wrote:
I just kind of just spill it out when we're taking our first test shots.
"Okay here we go. Ready? Stomach in boobs out!  Lets go. 
Click, click.
I usually get a laugh.


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Hingham, Massachusetts, US

I worked with a model who was concerned about her "tummy".  I advised her not to be so and just face the camera facing forward.  Unless the model is "with child" it does not show.  Photos from the side are a different case.

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Amul La La

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London, England, United Kingdom

Do you shape shift..?

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Los Angeles, California, US

I usually just say "suck in your tummy", or "elongate your body"

I'm part of the team that strives to make the model look her best, and usually when models review some preview shots, they ask me to remind them to suck in their tummy.


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Demeter Photography

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Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Natural Means wrote:
Without that hurt look thing that girls do.

Book models that do not have one?  If it's so important to you, book the 'right' model.

Beyond that, just say 'can you draw your tummy in a bit please?'

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Meghan Hale

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Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

"Tighten your ab muscles".

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Boston, Massachusetts, US

push em out shove em out waayyyyyyyyyy out

oh wait. that's the wrong way, but bill cosby knows some things big_smile

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Vanished Gone

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Los Angeles, California, US

"Tuck in that tummy"
"Stomach in"
"Hold your tummy in"
"Hold your abs tight"

I would say just avoid the word "gut". But it doesn't really matter. It's really not something that should offend you as a model. No matter how skinny you are, you have to hold your stomach tight.

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Snowmonkey Design

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hmm, I would say er if I wanted to shoot a beached whale I would do a self portrait ...hold your posture please, ta very much. smile

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