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London, England, United Kingdom

Hi all,

My first post here. I'm doing a shoot in London in the next week or so and just trying to figure out the logistics of it all and wanted to get the community opinion.

As it is a location shoot - How do you deal with make up and clothing changes? I've know togs/mua to use cafes for this kind of stuff - is that the norm?

Very much appreciate all the help and advice.

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Laura M Nolan

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Manchester, England, United Kingdom

I did a shoot in manchester city centre and we used public toilets and a cafe for make up/clothes changing
Did get a few strange looks but no one said anything!

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Al Green XM

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Townsville, Queensland, Australia

You could hire a van and secure a car park before business rush  - save your gear getting stolen and undue interference and nuisance. You can also book a close by hotel room or secure space. I don't put the talent and product at risk  by using  public change rooms for the sake of 200 bucks.

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Vector One Photography

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Fort Lauderdale, Florida, US

Depends on how much you have to spend and exactly where you are shooting. At the top is a honey coach, a self propelled camper turned into a dressing room and rest area. Then a portable changing room. Then you could rent a room in a nearby hotel. Then there is using a restroom in a business. Then a public rest room in a park or public place. Then there is changing in the car. Then there is changing behind a tree or other large object. And finally my personal favorite... just saying damn and changing in front of whomever is around.

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TA Craft Photography

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Bristol, England, United Kingdom

Depends on the scale of your shoot, is it just you and the model? Or do you have a full team?

I have done street shoots in Bristol, sometimes very casual other times fully set up. Not sure about London but Bristol City Council has a department who coordinate shoots in the city, ensuring that there are not two of you in the same place, almost had that once, we were a large team with 4 models and there was a tv crew (Several large campers and trucks) in the next street. Bristol encourages street photography and do not charge for their 'permit ' but insist you have full insurance.

I have found it best to hire a room close to the shoot, many places can hire you a room, hotels being the obvious one, but try pubs and clubs, local community groups, even church halls which can be very cheap.

If you don't want to hire a room many more experienced models will have techniques for changing in pubic without offending anyone's modesty.

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