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Caperucita Roja

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... since I've braved the MM critique section! I remember the first time I came on here you guys made me cry tongue and I'm not usually a cryer!

Anyway it was all good because I listened those six years ago and feel I've evolved sufficiently for now.

So I want to know two things please smile

* What do you think of what I have to show as a whole in my portfolio?

* Why am I seemingly the only one who's been around for this long and not been published anywhere? I'm submitting images (with the photographer's permission), posting castings looking for published work, contacting publish-based castings. I've made my port as varied as possible, with plenty of poses and expressions. I don't know what else I can do, perhaps I'm missing something. (By the way, I'm not one of those with delusions of Vogue grandeur, I don't mind where I get published as long as it's not in porn or glamour, as those aren't my genres).

Pleeeeeeeease reply! You guys were so good last time, I won't ever get upset again at what is said, I'll simply analyse it and see how I can do better!

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Caperucita Roja2

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Come oooooon pleeeeeeeeeeease

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You have some brilliant images - however, the top third is weaker in general to the bottom third. IMHO

i'm not a fan of - not because of you - but the colors on one are - - -odd and 2 are really dull looking - no pop … 981741.jpg … 22e176.jpg … 411182.jpg
That may give the impression that you are not making the next step up.  I don't know.

As far as publication - I can't help you there - I don't even try.  I also don't really understand - since you could make a publication of it's own with your best shots.  I really enjoy looking at your images - I can't imagine that others do not think the same.

Perhaps it's not how many images you submit and is more on knowing the right people to submit to  "Cold calls" are sooo easy to ignore.

(I'm sure you have done it before - but, Talk again to people in your circle that get published and see what they know - -Or who - and see if that can help)

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RTE Photography

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I am not familiar with the publishing scene in the UK, but have you tried some of the photography art magazines. You have some wonderful shots. I don't know how many a publisher would want in order to publish a book, but you should at least have enough to be included as a major part of a monthly magazine.
Try getting together with one or two other photographers/models and trying for a book around a common theme and approaching publisher on that basis.

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