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robert morris

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Azusa, California, US

Cheap Web Design Services or Trade for Any working DSLR kit lens, body, battery, mem card, cap, etc.

Very recently, I was robbed and have had all my artwork, camera, laptops and back-up drives stolen from my apt at the time. 

I am not in a position to replace them and recreate what i've lost, but I am interested in finding web design work or trade

services for and old working DLSR camera kit, body, lens, mem-card, battery, and lens cap.  Anything entry level would be

ideal.  If anyone out there can help me I appreciate it.  My info below. 

I have a broad base of experience including Joomla, Wordpress, html, css, js, Adobe CS through 5.  The links below are

examples of my most recent and/or best examples.

porfolio - screencaps of various work: … mages-etc/

my mm number:

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