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For booking and communication purposes, please join the FB thread here:

Only 2 more groups left this year. This is always one of the funnest - bring your zombies, vampires and things that go bump in the night. The next Toledo Ohio Collingwood Arts Center (CAC) Group Shoot will be held on SATURDAY October 19, 2013 in a building that is the first chapter in the book "Haunted Ohio." This event is 18+ and open to any and all Models, Photographers, MUA's, Stylists, Videographers and Vendors in and around the area.

When? The event will be held during 10am -to-6pm on Saturday. (Note: for the purpose of setting up, check in and ...such, the doors will be open at 9:30am)

Where? The event will be held at the Collingwood Arts Center (CAC) located at 2413 Collingwood, Toledo, Oh 43620

Who? The event will be hosted by Ohio photographer Visions of Excess.

Cost? The cost of the event is $20. MUA'S and stylists will be allowed to attend for $5. (Note: If you are attending as an MUA or stylist, you MUST do what you are there to do. So, MUA's and Stylists will not be allowed to shoot {as either model or photographer} if you are found to have done so, you will be asked to pay the $20 entry fee).

Vendors? Any and all vendors are welcome, however the Collingwood Arts Center (CAC) does ask for 20% of the net total sales you make during the event or for you to pay the $20 cost (you can choose either option). And if you are attending as a Vendor you MUST contact us before you commit to attending the event, as there are different forms that you must sign.

Food? This will be a potluck style event, so anyone that would like to bring a dish is welcome to do so and please express so in your post so that we can make a list.

Rules? The rules for the event are as follows:

1. No tentative list. We understand that sometimes you're unsure if you'll be able to attend or not. But please, if you're unsure, do not ask to be listed as "tentative", simply express your interest in attending once you know for sure.

2. No call-no shows. If you choose to no show to this event, you will not be allowed to attend future CAC events. Of all the things that are reputation killers, flaking has got to be in the top 5. (Note: Exceptions will be made for those with good reasons)

3) Last minute cancellations. I.E. "No money, no ride etc". This is something that has been announced well in advance for you to make proper adjustments to attend. One is excusable, but if it happens twice, you'll be asked not attend future events.

4) Communication is key! Photographers and models, please communicate with each other to coordinate and confirm your schedules, concepts, and meeting place.

5) Personal and professional conduct. Conduct yourself in a manner befitting an industry professional. Should a problem with this arise, it will be addressed and quelled. Should this issue persist, you'll be asked to leave and not attend future events

Attendance List:


Cat Rindler
Nat Connolly
Cindi Romancemelee Waynick
Curse Black
Amanda Bowling
Rilee Akenberger
Mo Bot
Jessica Leigh   
Ariel Nicole Jarchow
Abby Wilson
Candor Wish
Melissa Ann Handley
Renia Ophelia Blair
Evangeline Rayne Lightwood
Sydney Dennis
Danielle Jean Veronica Estep
Sunny Bunny TheMassacre
Tesa Aesthetic   
Brenda Vineyard
Amber Lynn Dulaney
Mackenzie Bowersock
Samantha Kessler
Ciara Williamson
Lexee Carter
Stephenie Ritter
Christa Jean
Hannah Ringle
Mariah Kaye
Alexandra Walters
Brittany Dennis
Janice Spindler
Christie Ray Reigle
Destiny Nicole Adkins
Adrienne Ramsey
Amanda Tinsley- Daughtry
Kayla Zaleski
Allysha Coleman
Shanyn Price
Jessica Baughman
Angela Byers
Casey Miller
Mary Osborn Rooker
Alissa Hinkle
Juliet Marie
Cici Gray
Tyger Greenleaf
Katelyn Clark
Dee Victoria
Jodi Childers
Merideth Quinn
Jace Harley
Ivy Vynes
Iris Love
Heather Klem
Gracee Matana
Sarah Doss
Cassi Hooper
Shauna Marie
Caitlin Taylor

Tony Denning
Steven DeLauder
Josh Mcrill
CJ Scott
Krys Block
Damian Arnold
Alex Kuhman

Todd Parnell
Boyd Hambleton
Frequency Mutineers
Mike Robison
John Higley
Hillarie Aaralyn Curtis
Melody Blue
Ghastly Yarns
Robin Studer
Thomas Newton II
Frankie Southard
Joseph Gilbuena
Stephanie Jane
Johnny Knotts
JL Smith
Jon Hunt
Art Schotz-Flash
Lord Blasto
Eric Toth
LG Raw
Brittani Gonzalez
Gary Mitchell
Don Donaldson
Jose Antonio Garcia
Marc Bug DeShano
Reva May
Marc Beauregard
Aaron Rhoades
Kerry Elysia Bush
Rosa Huntress Cervantes
Timothy Weaver
Michael Charter
Mark Seifert
Katie Fox
Linden Daniels
ERock Carnage
Artist C Mirene
Dave Industrial
Brooke Limpf
Timothy Nolan

Kaitlyn McWilliams Mua
Emily Noggle

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