Roman Zverev

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Irkutsk, Irkutsk, Russia

this work just for practice. But I need some constructive ..
Interesting general impression, and technical moments.


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Whitney Minthorn

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Pendleton, Oregon, US

VERY very beautiful and well done! 
I would correct the tones of the hand in the bottom right with the rest of her body.  Teeth seem to have a lot of dark shadows.

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Richard Pommerat

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Paris, Île-de-France, France

nicely done but perhaps can you do a better job with the stray hairs especially on the top. And also perhaps fix the right eyebrow.

But all around, pretty nice!

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Saint Louis, Missouri, US

Nice skin texture. I would adjust the hue of the neck and check to match the face. Also there is a gap in the hairline directly above the model's right eye (camera left). I would clone or patch in some hair to close the gap in the hairline. The whites of the model's eyes are slightly blue.

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Mike Needham Retouching

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Cheltenham, England, United Kingdom

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Andy Shrestha

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Mike Needham Retouching wrote:

thank you. even we are learning seeing this.

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Jakov Markovic

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Belgrade, Central Serbia, Serbia

Also, you Dnb everything with a very soft brush causing everything to be soft. Use both hard and soft brushes, if it means using a smaller brush use it.

Oct 09 13 03:43 pm Link