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Makeup Artist


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Los Angeles, California, US

I am currently enrolled in an Esthatician program, it's Basic.

I'd love to take an advanced course from a Makeup school, such as Joe Blasco.

What are you thoughts?

I want to move to either NYC or LA, so I thought it would be a good idea to advance my career in one of these areas, to make some contacts for after school.

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Janine Valentine

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San Francisco, California, US

I'd say finish up with esthetician school and then consider going back to get a certificate in makeup application. I'm sure someone will disagree with me...but unless you are planning on having a background in special FX, movies, TV then there truly is no need to go to a makeup school.

If you are interested in doing these things I'd say check this board out for more info on MUA unions:

If you are interested in doing weddings, editorials, runways, etc etc...then I'd say just take a few workshops to sharpen your skills. The fact that you will be an esthetician is often good enough for most people to feel comfortable with their faces.

I know a lot of MUAs who work in LA and make a full time living just doing freelance. I'm talking gigs like Nasty Gal, different modeling agencies, magazines, etc. She does a lot of more natural sort of billowy work too which really doesn't require a TON of MUA skill once you master it.

I'd say work on your port now. Get as much as you can covered: dramatics, avant garde, natural, bridal, etc etc. Network, network, network. If you can even try to see if you can get some gigs in LA and make a little trip out there! Get your foot in the door smile.

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Makeup Artist

Katy G

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Definitely finish your esthetician course! It gives you more possibilities for finding work (salons, agencies, more to offer clients freelancing). I really wish I had esthetics under my belt already! I'm planning to take a course sometime, next year. smile

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