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Craig Solomon

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Auburn, Washington, US

We have a few spots left, we have 16 on theme photographers (can have 20) and 2 off theme (can have 5)

On theme = have access to the 6 MUAs and your images can go in the book / published.  Also you have access to the 30 models onsite shooting on theme

Off theme = no MUA / no book / and you can use the models if they don't have on theme shoots planned or bring your own.

We will have coffee and food through the day

Buy in for on theme: $100
Buy in for off theme: $50

Shoot is at the St. Edward Seminary, it's a closed shoot, rented for the day (the entire 90K sq ft location)

Contact me here or [email protected]

Payment via online link / PayPal.

Everyone on site signs a waiver and model release.  We MUST be out of the building by 5pm, no later.  Park rules.  However you can shoot in the part until dusk.

Oct 07 13 02:05 pm Link


Sennia Kyle

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Seattle, Washington, US

Can you tell me the date of this? Or is it over already?

Oct 15 13 01:17 am Link