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Haley Moffitt MUA

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Ripley, Mississippi, US

Hello, all!  I am a freelance MUA and I am getting in to the airbrush application.  For those of you that do both, what do  you charge clients for each?

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Body Painter

BodyPainter Rich

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Sacramento, California, US

I don't do traditional makeup, but on principal I would suggest that you do not charge separate rates. Rather, I would charge a single rate but let your potential clients know that you use airbrush and traditional methods depending on what the look calls for and so forth.

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All Dolled Up - Beauty

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Lewisville, Texas, US

I think you should check on the other artist around your area ... do they charge extra for the service, then you can decide whether to charge or not charge extra.

I do charge $25 extra for airbrush makeup .... but as an add on to my regular makeup service ... as do most makeup artists in my area.

Just my .02 cents  smile

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Arielle Williams

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Port Jervis, New York, US

I charge $15 extra right now for airbrush. The makeup can be a little more expensive but mainly the setup and cleanup is the main thing I think. You have to clean out the machine between each makeup you do (like foundation, lips, cheeks, etc). So it's a little more expensive.

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MUA Janine

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San Francisco, California, US

I agree with Visuelle Artistry. See what other artists within your area are doing.

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Denise Hutter MUA

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Cary, North Carolina, US

I don't charge a different price for airbursh. I would suggest to bump up your makeup service price over all (to cover the new technique you've learned and the extra overhead from that new method)...but charge the same price.

My 2 cents

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Garden Grove, California, US

I charge $25 more for airbrush and so do most...I've seen ones that dnt charge more but that's because they r new at it and dnt know how to sell it...sometimes I throw it in for the bride when they book alot of bm n family

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Danielle Blazer

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Los Angeles, California, US

I do not charge extra; but that is because I book at half and full day rates and my contracts are based on a job's needs. I do weddings occasionally and when I do I bid the job just as I would a commercial job without "extra" costs. Just unprofessional and not good business management. Just my opinion.

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Lexington, Kentucky, US

what are the best makeup airbrush kits to buy and where?

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BodyPainter Rich

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AshleighMill wrote:
what are the best makeup airbrush kits to buy and where?

Ashleigh, I would suggest you check out the Search function and check out some of the many threads we have had on this subject. You might get a response here, but this topic has been covered in depth before and you will probably appreciate the perspectives that have already been covered.

That being said, I did a short YouTube video on the subject of what sort of airbrush to look for, you can find it here...

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