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Hello. My specialty is not theatrical makeup.

I definitely need some assistance. For halloween I have to do a queen of hearts look and a vampire. I need help picking face paints. For the queen of hearts, it will be a heart on the face traced and filled in with a white thats a little see through. full face makeup over the heart as well ( blush, etc ). Also doing a vampire which most likely be all the way down the neck and blended into chest. This will be on an Asian skintone, also thinking more of a see through white. What should I use? I want something easy to work with and build on, as I will most definitely be using makeup over the white as well. Perhaps even a good palette or kit I could purchase. Thanks in advance for your opinions.

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Lisa Berczel

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Lots of personal preferences involved here....

But I think you're looking at two different products.

In my experience, nothing beats Wolfe FX for crisp, clean controllable lines. But, what makes Wolfe great for line work makes it not my first choice for blending.

For blending, I use airbrush. If I have to use a hand applied product, I like Paradise by Mehron.

You can get WolfeFX as an appetizer palette which will be a good addition to any kit.

You'll want to experiment and test in order to get the feel for the products. Clean line work takes a bit of practice.

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