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Brooklyn, New York, US

So I just started this model mayhem thing not to long ago and I just need help on how to get any type of work on here. please help! smile

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Body Painter

Lisa Berczel

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Corona, California, US

Welcome to MM!

There is a solid family of artists here in HMS forums.... we cover a wide range of industry topics.

Most of the Casting Calls and Bookings on MM that I've participated in were for Portfolio Work.

The opportunities available really depend on the KIND of Clients you want to build your business around. Bridal? Print work? Movies......

Take a look at the Castings in YOUR area to see what kind of opportunities there are for you.

It would also be time well spent to read up on the FAQ and Search topics such as "Kit Fee" and "when to start charging" and "portfolio". There's been a TON of advise offered by tenured professionals over the years.

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Makeup Artist

Shirley Compaore

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I'm new myself and trying to navigate my way around but slowly I'm getting the hang of it *yay*

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Hair Stylist

rick lesser

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Welcome.  When I first signed on I got a lot of paying work through the site.  However there is way more TFP work offered then anything else.  If your trying to build a book its a great way to get started.  However if your looking to pay bills, not so much.  Good luck, have fun and keep posting.  Everyone has something to share. R-

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Makeup Artist

Shirley Compaore

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Lynn, Massachusetts, US

Thank you for the support!!!

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Makeup Artist

MUA Janine

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Welcome ladies! MM is a good place to network, build your portfolio, and find both TF as well as paid work smile.

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