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Lisa Berczel

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Corona, California, US

Brian David Wolfe passed away yesterday afternoon from a lengthy battle with cancer.

For those that don't know the name Brian will probably know the name Wolfe Brothers. He and his brother truly changed the face of the bodypainting world.

He was one of the most creative and selfless people I have ever met.

The family has a fund raiser link that I'll find and post.

Oct 16 13 08:46 am Link

Body Painter


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Oakland, California, US

Wow! Sorry to hear that.
I had just recently found out about his battle with cancer.
Such a great loss.

Oct 16 13 08:47 am Link

Body Painter

Lisa Berczel

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Corona, California, US

Oct 16 13 10:10 am Link

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BodyPainter Rich

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Sacramento, California, US

Was going to post the same thing... as usual you beat me to the punch Lisa!

I only was able to meet him once, but he has left a lasting impression on me and everyone who knew him. He and his brother are also responsible for revolutionizing the art of face painting.

RIP Brian Wolfe.

Oct 16 13 12:03 pm Link

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This is sad news to hear, condolences to his family sad

Oct 17 13 07:36 am Link

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Laura McDermott

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Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

That's so sD sad what an impact he's left behind smile

Oct 17 13 06:53 pm Link