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Candace Nirvana

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Oakland, California, US

This 3-hour program will offer a presentation, speaker notes, discussion, demonstration, and guided implementation of the Zone System, a photographic exposure and processing discipline created by Ansel Adams.

A lovely and lightly-draped model  Sydney Morical, will provide inspiration for the demonstration portion of the program. Images of Sydney to be added soon.

Topics will include:

• Zone System foundation

• Differences between film and digital implementation of the Zone System

• Camera metering modes for best Zone System results

• Metering techniques in the Zone System

• Pre-visualization, the key discipline

• Visualization tools built into digital cameras

• Processing the Zone System image for full realization of artistic intent

Photography of our un-draped model will commence at the conclusion of the presentation.

Len will provide direct and immediate coaching (guided implementation) throughout the photo session.  Len's meet up group meets in Fremont and he offers a wide variety of course offerings.  Check it out:

We will have an exquisite art nude model for the GUIDED IMPLEMENTATION portion of the program, for which there will be a charge of $40 per photographer, in addition to the class fee.  This can be paid in cash or credit card or paypal on event day in the studio.

Len Cook has more than 20 years of professional photography experience as a photojournalist and commercial photographer. He has shot and processed more than a million frames of film in 35mm, 6x6, 6x7, 6x9, and 4x5 film formats, primarily in black-and-white for the first 15 career years. He has more than 6 years of experience teaching college photography and Photoshop classes, and has delivered nearly 100 Meetup presentations in less than 3 years.

There is a $10 minimum fee to sign up for the event.  More details at … 146826372/

Oct 21 13 11:11 pm Link