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Bella Nichelle

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Washington, District of Columbia, US

If you do, what about them do you not like? I've had some photographers go HAM and just smooth out the entire butt chin (lol), others just soften it, and some leave it alone. It makes me look like an entirely different person without it. But my main question is if a lot of photographers just don't like the way it looks and why? Would it be weird for me to ask them to not touch it? Because I like my chin, and it makes me "me"


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AD Leckemby

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Ladysmith, Virginia, US

I wouldn't edit it out.

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Muncie, Indiana, US

I have a very prominent cleft chin. I have not had it edited out but most of the photographers I have worked with don't edit. I think I would be upset if someone Photoshopped it out because I would look weird without it. I like it. I'm not even sure if I could use photographs of me if I didn't have it. It would look too weird, like it wasn't me. Some poses and lighting feature it and well, some don't. Maybe you can ask the photographer how heavily they edit normally?

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Sounds like a photographer problem, most of the agencies I work with like it.  It's something to set that model apart and different, granted that is the agency fashions and beauty world so maybe it's different for glamour??? I can't imagine doing it myself.

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Del Account

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Houston, Texas, US

I wouldn't make too much of it.  From what I see in your portfolio, your cleft is not as prominent as many that I have seen.  You see your face every day, the photographer does not.  To you it would appear very noticeable if it was not there, but a photographer who just caught a piece of shadow from it might think it is just another of the many skin corrections that he does all the time.  To answer your question, I do not edit out features of the face, but edit blemishes, scars, etc. as normal practice.

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Benjamin Lambert

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Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, US

i have when asked, but generally i don't

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I'm personally very proud of my chin dimple!  : )

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Columbus, Ohio, US

Hell no.

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Garlic Bread

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Sylvania, Ohio, US

I don't see a butt chin in your port! Did they seriously all edit it out? lol i like butt chins, i think they're sexy.

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My chin was edited in the beauty shot that I have in my portfolio. I have a small cleft, which was removed in post. A few people have smoothed out my chin cleft, but I never considered it significant enough to think much about.

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