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a k mac

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London, England, United Kingdom

I've always used ACR for my raw processing, but I have been exploring Capture One recently. This is partly because so many photographers prefer it, and I often get EIPs from them, and partly because the two converters interpret the raw data differently, and there is a significant difference in saturation, temperature and contrast in their respective default settings.  I'm also starting to explore the CO colour tools, which are perhaps more subtle than ACR. It would be interesting to hear what other retouchers think generally about the pros and cons of Raw Converters.
I also have a specific problem which I hope someone can help me with. I would like to bring both CO and ACR conversions into a single working PSD, but they are processed to a different size. I suspect this is due to lens correction, but I've tried with that setting on and off and I still have a size discrepancy. Can someone shed light on this?

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Jakov Markovic

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Capture one has better color management. Also, if you use it as an editor, it is much faster than lightroom.

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I've also noticed a file size difference.  Capture One is better at rendering skin tones than ACR in my experience.  Every photoshoot I've been on has used Capture One, it's fairly industry-standard, at least in NYC.

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Exactly same here!
I've been using ACR since I started and it fits perfectly in my workflow, but photographers seems to love C1, so I'm going with trial at the moment and trying to add pros and cons to both. So far I agree that color and skin tones are easy one with C1

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Krunoslav Stifter

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Each has it's cons and pros. But they are both very capable tools for developing raw files. You can make it another MAC vs PC debate, but I really hope you don't, since there is no reason for it. Just use the tool that does the job best. That being said...

Skin tones control is better in C1 mainly because the tools are more convenient for that. ACR/Lr have better Ps integration and that is no surprise since they all come from Adobe.

If possible I would recommend using both and becoming fairly good at the too. That way you can adapt to the needs of the client, specific situation and remain flexible.

Partly you might use one over the other as personal preference, partly the client might dictated the use of say C1 of Acr/Lr. or there will be situations where a particular image could be better rendered in one program vs. the other. You might even use both for some tricky situations. No one said one has to be exclusively used over the other. They are just tools, and both very capable tools. What works for your to deliver best results in least amount of time with least amount of effort, that would be my choice.

My 2 cents.

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a k mac

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London, England, United Kingdom

I would like to be able to use both in the same PSD, but this is what happens.
Hopefully someone will be able to explain this.

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I've heard from several retouchers that they prefer C1, especially for skin. It appears to me that Capture One 7 is much more rich in features than Capture One 6 - but v. 7 requires a 64-bit OS.

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