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Paris, Île-de-France, France

just discovered google's PS plug-ins, does anyone have tried it yet? what do you think?

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Las Vegas, Nevada, US

I tested a lot of similar tools, but this one is my favorite. But I don't think a lot of people use it.

I made both Airplane pictures with this Nik Software.

Yes you can do this also in Photoshop, but just playing with this effects helped me a lot to find what fits best to the picture. Also the quality how the software changes the image is very good, so it's not like the cheap effects people have in their Smartphones.

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Jay Farrell

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Nashville, Tennessee, US

It's awesome, great support as well. I upgraded to Mountain lion a few months ago and they were duplicating layers....they helped me and I enjoy the plugins very much.

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RTE Photography

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I got it a few months after they announced it and use it as a PS plug in and love it. I use mainly the Silver Effects module for finishing the work I have started in PS. It has a few features that made some things easier to do than using PS and I really like the toning feature for giving pictures the final touch.

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i tend to use radlab and exposure more than nik. but silver efex is good.

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Sharfman Photography

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I use silver efex pro on all my B&W conversions.

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