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Photoshop CC 2014 does not have the Oil Paint plug-in. sad
But there is a FREE alternative, right now is for Windows users...

It is a version of GREYCstoration
BUT in a plug-in form for Photoshop(x86/x64) Windows ONLY...
The plug-in is from
The x64 version is at
Or the direct link
Petopeto has also provided the source code, maybe someone can port to OSX...

2-Unpack with 7-zip
3-Copy Greyc-helper.bin and Greyc-x64.8bf to
c:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CC 2014\Plug-ins\

The plug-in will appear at Photoshop Menu>Filter>Noise

A good starting point

With my starting point, basically just change the Strength from +- 111 up to 999
Sometimes the Contour from +- 0.1 up to 0.6
And the Geometry Regularity from +- 1 up to 9
For a very strong effect with less details, try Initial Gaussian Blur = 1

With Strength 333 the result is

The Oil Paint was useful not only to paint, but to fix hair...
Now you can use the GREYCstoration to Fix frizzy hair smile … er-6127956

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Joe Gunawan fotosiamo

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Wow, you're a lifesaver! I was pretty pissed that Photoshop CC 2014 removed the Oil Paint Plugin. I was also totally confused on how this GREYCstoration works.

Hopefully I can continue to use this as a suitable alternative from here on out

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I am glad you liked it!
I find it better than Oil Paint...

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Just thought it was worth chiming in (I'm friends with the creator/developer of Greycstoration/G'MIC).

G'MIC is the modern incarnation of the original greycstoration, but much, much improved.

The original algorithm is still there, but there's hundreds of other possibly filters (including quite a few film-emulation color modifications that I made personally for them).

If you're game to give it a try, it'll only need GIMP, and then G'MIC.
The main G'MIC site is here:

There's a package builder for GIMP that includes G'MIC as a plugin by default from here:

Well worth the price (free!) to check out!

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Thank you so much! This is fantastic! I hope it's available for Mac soon (as I may switch). It's too bad that the oil paint filter was removed from CC 2014, I don't know what Adobe was thinking (I bet they couldn't get it to work).

What is the difference between "Normal", "Inside" and "Side by Side" settings btw? I can't find any documentation on this and results seem variable.


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G'MIC is very good, I would love to have a PS version, GPU accelerated... smile
Partha's build is one of the best, GIMP is getting more and more interesting
and have this “Unbounded Mode” and Photoshop this nasty bug.

You are welcome, it is the viewing mode, use strong FX and you will easy see the difference.

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Eugene Nikachalo

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cool thing !! I hope the authors did not gave up work. And will improve plugin

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Thank you for this.. very valuable!!

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Dark Rose Love

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Topaz recently came out with a very good one, much better than the PS filter, called "Impressionist."

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Thanks !

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Glad to help.

BTW, official Oil Paint is back … ilter.html

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Stepan Maksimov

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Thx smile

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