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Black Arrow Photos

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Sarnia, Ontario, Canada

can a deleted profile be restored.  A model friend of mine deleted her profile in an impetuous manner yesterday and wishes now that she hadn't.  Can it be restored?

May 20 20 04:52 pm Link


Mark Salo

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Olney, Maryland, US

Yes. Send a message to a moderator:

May 20 20 05:21 pm Link


Shadow Dancer

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Bellingham, Washington, US

I've done this many times, taken a "vacation" from my photography hobby.

If she has deleted her photos, she will need to repost them. All previous comments will be lost.
If she has deleted her friends, she will need to start over. All previous friend connections will be gone.
If she deleted her profile, she will need to write a new one.

I am not sure what happens if she has not deleted any of these things since I've always opted for a "scorched earth" approach. Being that i was gone for a few years one time and many of my friends left, it made sense to start over with current options rather than deal with the clutter of accounts that are no longer active.

In this case that does not apply.

May 21 20 09:55 am Link