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Everyone seems to be doing high speed sync these days (except me).  And I understand that, once you learn how to do it, you don't want to do anything else.  Wide-open without that flashy look.
All I have is a little (extremely portable) Canon M50, mirrorless, sensor-cropped (whatever that means). I've looked everywhere but can't find an HSS button or function on it.
Meanwhile I'm saving my pennies for the R5 whenever that comes out.  I assume it will do HSS.
In the meanntime also I probably should try to perfect my low-speed sync skills, before taking the leap to HSS.

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Loki Studio

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The HHS function is set on the flash with a compatible camera.  This thread here indicates HSS success with the m50 and Canon EX flashes.

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High Speed Synch (HSS) is NOT a big deal, not everyone is doing it and its not very hard to master either. But - to go more directly at the original questions, Sorry, cannot answer it all the way. Don't expect to find a dedicated button for HSS. Your camera does have a built-in flash. There will be a menu tab for flash control and HSS (if your flash supports that function) will be a menu choice.  Look under Menu / Flash ....  I guess.  The Canon 580EX and above dedicated flash guns do support HSS. I simply don't know about the built-ins and models below 580 EX.

You may want to read the full length (not the small pocket guide) manual or call tech support.

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Thanks.  I've got to look into this.  I was convinced I had to buy another camera body.

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Mark Salo

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rowdan2020 wrote:
Can You Do HSS on a Canon EOS M50?
LazyDiesel wrote:
Is the M50 capable of high speed sync with canon and/or third party flashes?

thunder storm wrote:
My M50 works fine with Yongnuo flashes in high speed sync mode.

rowdan2020 wrote:
sensor-cropped (whatever that means)

Full Frame vs APS-C cameras: what’s the real difference: … ifference/
Scroll down to see a diagram.

Does Sensor Size Matter? Camera Sensor Size Comparison:

Understanding Crop Factor: … rop-factor
This includes a diagram and lots of helpful info.

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