Model Mayhem retains the right to terminate any membership at their sole discretion. However, there are also other forms of discipline that may be applied depending on the severity or consistency of Site Rules violations.

  • RCAM (Reverse Contact-a-Moderator)

    - If we find that you have violated one or more of the Site Rules, or if the moderator team is investigating a particular situation, abuse or dispute, they may, but are not required to, send you an RCAM to warn you or to clarify the situation.

    - RCAMs appear above your normal PM inbox.

    - Please respond to RCAMs as quickly as possible.

    - If sufficient time has passed and no response has been received from an RCAM, then the moderators will make their judgment on the information they have at hand, so it benefits you to respond.

  • "The Brig"

    - "The Brig" is Model Mayhem's form of discipline for violating any of the Site's rules.

    - Being sent to "The Brig" essentially means the member is not allowed to take part in certain Site activities for a designated period of time.

    - The period of time a member spends in "The Brig" will be determined by Model Mayhem moderators and will take into account the seriousness of the infringement as well as the number of infractions the member may have. The duration of the time is solely at the discretion of the moderators.

    - As with any rules violation, being sent to "The Brig" can be grounds for removal from the Site.

    - If one of your accounts is on probation ("in the brig"), posting from an alternate account is not permitted; probation applies to the individual, not the account.

    - If your account has been removed from the Site by an administrator, any other accounts you may have created will be subject to removal. Additionally, do not attempt to create any new accounts.


If you feel that you have been treated unfairly in the interpretation of these rules and the Mission and Guiding Principles of the Site, you are welcome to log a complaint through the Contact-a-Moderator system.

If you have a complaint against a specific moderator or if you prefer a specific moderator not deal with your CAM, you may ask in your CAM that this moderator be excluded from handling your situation. In such cases, your CAM will still be viewable by that moderator but will be handled by another moderator.

Please note, however, that final determination rests with the moderators and administrators of the Site. They will always attempt to act fairly and provide adequate reasoning behind the actions taken, but they do have the final say on any complaint brought to their attention through Contact-a-Moderator.

Model Mayhem reserves the right to change the Site Rules as needed.